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K-12 Education

As a software developer in the K-12 education market, the client wanted a modern website developed using Drupal CMS platform. I sourced a great development company and lead the design process working with their marketing team.

Previous Web Site

The previous site was a fixed width that didn't scale to fit resolutions of tablets and high-res monitors and was not mobile friendly.


Competitor Research

Using Google search and interviews with marketing team,  top competitor's web sites were reviewed for industry standards and usability.


Site Map

Site map updated to reflect desired user flows and organization. It was determined that users needed to be able to navigate by role as well as by product.


Whiteboard Sketches

Collaborative meetings were held to  build the initial whiteboard sketches. Overall organization of key pages were used to create initial wireframes. 



Basic wireframes were developed for the home page and product feature layouts.


Design Inspiration

The team was challenged to choose website styles from all industries that appealed to them. We discussed the results and narrowed down the elements and style to include in the initial mockups.


High-Fidelity Mockups

Mockups were created to review with the team. Details were determined as the process evolved.


Custom Imagery

Because stock photos are limited for education they are often found in the competitor's marketing and web sites. A photo shoot was not in the budget at this time so custom images were created by combining people from non-education stock photos and backgrounds to ensure unique K-12 imagery.


Carousel Slides

Slides were designed to tell the story of the product offerings in a simple, visual way. Happy people with good eye contact were chosen to encourage a connection with the users.


Custom Icons

Icons were developed simplify navigation representing product features and offerings.


Final Prototypes

Prototypes were finalized to hand off to development team.

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